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SDSII Brochure

Application Notes

Pipette Volume (application data)

Following is a sampling of the products San Diego Scientific Instruments has tested. This data is in PDF format, you can download the acrobat reader at the bottom of this page. Please call for a more comprehensive listing along with test data.

Talc (application data)
  Corn Grain Wide Plant (application data)
  Corn Grain (application data)
  Alfalfa seed, 1mm (application data)
  Canola seed (application data)
  Rye grass, 1mm (application data)
  Peanut nut meat (application data)
  Peanut Hay (application data)
  Corn Flour (application data)
Metal Powders  
  Hafnium Oxide (application data)
  Toner (application data)
  Tantalum (application data)
  Moly Tri-Oxide (application data)
  Lithium Tetra-Borate (application data)
Diatomatious Earth_DE (application data)
O-Phtalandehyde (application data)
Silica powder 25 micron (application data)
Avacel (application data)
Beads (application data)
Cement (application data)
Fine Sand (application data)
Lithium Tetra Borate-3 (application data)
Sodium Sulfate & Magnesium Sulfate (application data)
Carrier, Ferrite (application data)
HA-CMC (application data)
Carrier DC12 (application data)
Activated Carbon and Skim Milk (application data)
Amino Acid (application data)
Aspartame (application data)
Barium Sulfate (application data)
Carbon Pellets and Silica Beads (application data)
Diamond Amalgam (application data)
Diamond Powder (application data)
Lactose (application data)
Polyethylene Glycol (application data)
pNPP Disodium Hexahydrate (application data)
pNPP Para Nitrophenylphosphate (application data)
Polystyrene Divinyl Benzine Co-Polymer. (application data)
Powdered Sugar (application data)
Saline Phosphate (application data)
Saline Phosphate (buffered) (application data)
SAP Beads Anionic (application data)
Silica (application data)
Silicon Carbide (application data)
Sodium Sulfate (application data)
Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Thiosulfate, Ascorbic Acid (application data)
Sucrose Coated Beads (application data)
Sugar Substitute #2 (application data)
Sulfuric Acid Blends - Electrolytic and Catalytic (application data)
Zinc Amalgam (application data)
Zinc Amalgam 2 (application data)
Zinc Amalgam In-Sound Medical (application data)
Zinc Amalgam In-Sound 02-03-2010 (application data)
Zirconia Powder (application data)

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