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SDSII Brochure

SDSII Brochure

SDSII can manage your short or long runs of precision powder sampling or dispensing.

Our service fills the gap between the laboratory and QA process small sample requirements where sample quantities require considerable repetitive sampling of the same powders but do not require large-scale production equipment.

Pharmaceuticals, reagents, abrasives, test kits, seed/fertilizer research, food powders, propellants, dry photo chemicals and toners and other dry powers are especially suited to this process.

A partial sampling our capability:

Micro-titrater plates 12 to 96 well
Vials 10 to 13 mm diameter
Bottles call
Capsules Sizes #00 to #4
Pouches call

SDSII can sample and dispense sample sizes from as small as 4 mg to 6 g per sample weight with our automated process and 3 mg to 25 mg using our manual powder Pipetters.

Sample accuracy and repeatability to 1.5 %

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