Before SDSII can provide a quotation it is helpful to understand the customers application and requirements. The questionnaire below will provide some important information help SDSII determine the system requirements to best match the system to customer need.

Your Name:
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1. Describe the powder(s) if more than one:
Generic, Chemical or manufactures proprietary name, CASC no.
Particle size and shape i.e. powder, flake, granular etc.
Bulk density
Hazardous material? Describe:
Explosion or ignition hazard
Toxic/irritant (MSDS required)
2. Receptacle:
Wellplates - No. of wells of wells
Vial - Dimensions: Diameter/Length/Neck opening/Material
Bottle - Dimensions: Diameter/Length/Neck opening/Material
Pouch - Describe:
Plate or rack handling required?
Other - Describe:
3. Disposable pipette tips required? Describe:
4. Desired sample accuracy: % or range
5. Desired sample repeatability: % or range
6. In process QA verification:
In process sample or dose weighing capability
In Process data collection. List parameters
7. Utilization: (Through put) Samples per unit of time
8. Work space limitations:
Bench footprint
Clean Room
Nitrogen atmosphere or?
Explosion or ignition hazard
9. Operator interface:
Windows based software
PC and or teaching pendant Control
Other Describe
10. Who will be setting up and operating the system?
11. Other special operating or performance requirements.
12. Work Area dimensions